Oregon Pole Barns provides the resources you need to build the highest quality pole building within a budget you can afford. We give you more options and choices than other pole barn company. Due to our volume we can provide complete custom kits at very reasonable prices, each including engineered plans that act as a construction guide. We also provide phone assistance throughout the process and at reasonable cost, on site help should you need it. Pole barns are an inexpensive way to build primarily because over the years their design has evolved to use the minimum amount of material at maximum strength. They are designed to withstand 125 mph winds and are often used where heavy snow load is an issue. A metal roof will outlast a composition roof by many years. With the first pole barns, the metal was attached by nails which would work loose over time. Today's modern pole barn kit uses stainless steel screws with a special rubber washers to give a tight long lasting seal.


Our kits are complete, from materials and blueprints to additional options and even upgrades. At Oregon Pole Barns and Kits we make sure everything has already been taken care of for you.

Kits that make sense!

Due to our volume we can provide complete custom kits at very reasonable prices, each including engineered plans that act as a construction guide. We also provide phone assistance throughout the process at reasonable cost.

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Whether you're buying a kit, having us do a portion of the job or build your entire barn. We are here to help. We're just a phone call away.

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If you want more than the kit we provide services through licensed contractors who have years of experience building pole structures. Build times depend on contractors availability.

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Our Barns

We offer many options for you to choose from to make your barn truly custom. Our barns offer a 40 year limited manufacturer's warranty. That far exceeds anything on a stick built building.

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So why do so many people choose wood pole buildings for garages, shops, arenas, stables?

Cost, ease of construction, low maintenance and a barn with a very long life.

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  • The Kit

    If you are a full on DIY you can schedule material delivery at a pace with your projects. Poles, trusses lumber and metal can all be shipped sepreatly.

  • Holes & poles

    The most important and labor intensive work is drilling out the holes and setting the poles in a straight line. We can get you in touch with contractors who can help with this phase.

  • Trusses and Purlins

    Unless you raised trusses for a living they can be intimidating. Most contractors will put the purlins on the trusses while there still on the ground. With special jacks the roof is lifted into place. Let us know of you want a contractor bring your barn to this stage

  • Complete Framing Package

    Either with or without the roof metal. Again gives you the option of staying near the ground, but let’s you bring in a finished barn under budget

  • Roof system completed with or without framing package

    Many people will let a contractor take the barn to this stage. That just leaves the wall girts and metal walls. Many people feel this is the biggest bang for the buck.

  • Complete barn package

    It’s the fastest and most expensive way to get it done. We can help locate a contractor with the experience necessary to put up your barn within a short time period.

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Were here to inform you about the pros and cons, the different techniques, building materials, and the many options you have when considering building a pole barn. We hope by providing you with this information, you will consider us among your choices. Oregon Pole Barns and Kits specialize in offering very affordable kits "that make cents" for contractors, farmers, ranchers, horse and DIY folks. Our kits really are custom based on your wants and particular needs. If you want kiln dried lumber we'll give you kiln dried. If you want thicker gauge metal we'll give you thicker gauge metal. Fancy garage doors. Wood siding! Lots of windows. No windows. It's your barn. We like to offer insight based on our years of experience, but in the end, your in control.

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Work TowardsYour Options

In addition to kits, we offer several options unavailable from most other pole barn companies. We offer baseline kits all the way through to complete turnkey pole barns through contractors who specialize in erecting pole buildings. Kits range in prices around $7 per sq ft all the way to completed buildings around $15 a sq ft. The more windows and doors, the more it will increase material and labor costs.

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Jim and his team were more than amazing! From the very first phone call to the last day of our build, Jim and his team were there to help us every step of the way. Laura T
Our new barn is more than we could ever imagine. We purchased a barn kit from Oregon Pole Barns and Kits. I have to admit I was intimidated when we purchased our kit. Then when we received it, everything was very clearly laid out for us. We did have questions and need a little help along the way but Oregon Pole Barns and Kits had terrific customer service. We would highly recommenced them!Alex M