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I'm Jim Rosser, after being in the construction business for 25 years we decided people are ready, so we began to specialize in offering custom high-quality post frame kits. As the owner of Oregon Pole Barns and Kits, I want to talk about how we put WOW in our pole buildings.

When people shop for pole buildings they usually start with price. So here's my price "not always cheaper than the other guy". If you're like me, whenever I purchase something based on price alone it's usually because I don't know or can't see the differences. I usually regret my decision that I didn't spend a few dollars more to buy the "Premier" version. We may be undersold in price, but our quality is second to none.

So what's WOW? It's something you can see when you enter one of our buildings. It's when your neighbor, who just built a pole barn, steps inside yours and says "WOW, this is really well built (I wish mine looked this good)". So while you're comparing pole buildings, once you've made your decision based on price, come look at one of our buildings. We'll show you what it means to build an "Oregon Premier Pole Building". We'll show you the quality that goes into every barn we build. Then, go look at the quality of the building based on price. You'll be able to make your decision based on price and quality.

What makes Oregon Pole Barns and Kits, "Premier"?
- Top trained workers who take pride in your building.
- We work with architectural engineers to provide clear, understandable drawings.
- We review each plan highlighting areas for special attention.
- Buildings always built to exceed minimum standards.
- Our suppliers provide us with only the highest quality grade lumber.
- We provide an outline of each step needed to complete your building.
- 29 gauge metal with 40-year paint guarantee.
- Reinforced truss blocking for maximum strength.
- Attention to detail on our metal trim and flashing.
All these things culminate in a finished product that is not only attractive and useful but sound and durable. We stand behind our barns 100%, and we think you will too!

-- Jim

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